Nada for Prada: Thrift shopping in Montrose

In Houston, the best neighborhood for resale shopping is Montrose. 

Buffalo Exchange is every thrifty fashionista’s go-to favorite where you will find upscale brand names at prices so low you will swear they are paying you to shop.  This is paying nada for Prada. Or Gucci. Or Lululemon. From formal wear to beach duds, you can truly find it all. They offer options to buy, sell or even trade –  a concept that is growing in popularity as a way to keep your wardrobe fashionably fresh without compromising your bank account. 

Wall of shoes at Buffalo Exchange in Montrose

Wall of shoes at Buffalo Exchange in Montrose

For home decor, the best deals in Montrose are at Blue Bird Circle Resale and The Guild Shop.  Both shops carry items such as chandeliers, mirrors, antique furniture and decor, and even outdoor fountains. Bring your patience and be ready to use your imagination. The hidden gems are those pieces that need some elbow grease – the chair that need recovering, or the corner table repurposed as a padded foot stool. The best part about including resale pieces when decorating your home is you have a built in story to share when you guests tell you how fabulous your taste is. 

Texas Junk is another Montrose resale gem. It is hard to find and the hours are odd, but trust us when we say it’s worth the extra effort. The vintage cowboy boot selection alone will bring tears to your eyes, and you will surely encounter unique pieces that will remind you of that long-gone item you tossed a decade ago and have regretted ever sense. 

Space Montrose is new on our radar after winning national recognition on Small Business Friday. Space Montrose is the perfect shop to grab a gift for any occasion.  Local artists are featured and the Houston twang resonates. After your visit, be sure to pop over to Cafe Brazil across the street for some coffee and local flavor.