Welcome to Hustle Town

Hustle Town, H-Town, Bayou City, Clutch City, Space City… Rich in culture and steeped in history and heritage, Houston is emerging as the greatest city in the South. It’s the 4th largest city in the country and in 2012 surpassed New York as the most diverse with over 145 languages spoken. Houston is also more socially advanced than many, with a thriving gay and lesbian population and the first openly gay mayor of any major city, Anise Parker. At the end of her term limit in 2015, fellow democrat Sylvester Turner, an African American, was sworn in. The local economy has radically diversified from its dependence on oil and gas of yesteryear. Houston boasts the largest and most advanced medical center in the world and major banking, consulting and legal firms are increasing their presence. As for the food scene, it’s hard to find a city with more recent accolades. Houston has been named among the greatest food cities in the country (Washington Post) and the most interesting food city in America (Food and Wine Magazine). It’s also friendly – so if you’re lucky enough to be moving to Houston, welcome.

Brassiere Max & Julie

One if the finest French restaurants that has been a little neighborhood gem in Montrose. The braised rabbit is one of several wonderful dishes, along with anything grilled…lamb, steaks and fish. Service is first class with some of the friendliest, […]

Nada for Prada: Thrift shopping in Montrose

In Houston, the best neighborhood for resale shopping is Montrose.  Buffalo Exchange is every thrifty fashionista’s go-to favorite where you will find upscale brand names at prices so low you will swear they are paying you to shop.  This is paying nada for Prada. […]