Welcome to the City of Oaks

Pick an accolade. Raleigh has been featured on more “Best Places to…” lists than we can count. The city is well known for having top notch universities, booming tech and pharma companies, world class hospitals, affordable housing options, and an abundance of parks and outdoor activities.  What you may not know is Raleigh also has a vibrant start-up community, as well as a music and arts scene that rivals much larger cities. When you hear the phrase “something for everyone” think of Raleigh.

Best brunch in Downtown Raleigh

Brunch…the ever popular concept that helps feed the soul after a night on the town, yet it’s only served on a handful of days in most places.  If you find a restaurant serving it both Saturday and Sunday (a rare occurrence […]

Best chocolate in Downtown Raleigh

The last sentence on Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket is “In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvelous SURPRISES that await YOU!” That’s exactly how it feels to walk into Videri, a local chocolatier in Downtown Raleigh. The second […]

Celebrate an artist today

Today I hope you will join us in celebrating the artists in your life.  Take time out of your day to thank the people who inspire you the most.  (An artist being anyone who is so passionate and committed to what they […]