Lakewood / Whiterock Lake

Old Fashioned Oasis

While Dallas is not known for its outdoor activities, Lakewood and adjacent White Rick Lake offer residents and visitors sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, jogging and ample places to just sit and relax or enjoy a springtime picnic. Many of the neighborhoods that make up Lakewood are old fashioned - that is to say homes built in the 1920s to 1950s with a sprinkling of more recent developments. Lakewood Theater hosts classic films, and the surrounding plaza includes trendy restaurants and shopping options.

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Come sail away at White Rock Lake

A respite from the concrete jungle, White Rock offers plenty of water sports to get you outside for fresh air and sunshine

Lakewood Theater

Built in 1938 the Lakewood Theater serves up classic films and is home to contemporary musical and comedy events. The surrounding plaza with shops and restaurants serves as the social hub for the community.

White Rock Lake – a brief history

White Rock Lake, built in 1911 and completely filled in 1914, is perhaps one of the most beautiful places in DFW. This urban oasis, once the main water source for the city of Dallas, has become a recreational haven for Dallas-area […]

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Fireside Wine & Cheese

Sweet heavens you will love this intimate wine bar in Lakewood. Bodega Wine Bar, which opened in May 2015, is our new favorite place to escape for a glass of vino and some delectable cheese and charcuterie. They offer flights of wine, or […]