Museum District

Monet on a Sunday

The Museum District is for Houston's old money crowd, the Rice tenured professor, architecture enthusiasts and those who prefer Monet on a Sunday over bottomless mimosas. Since Houston isn't renowned for their city skyline, people moving from New York and Chicago may choose the beauty of tree lined streets instead. It's truly one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Houston. This is not the place for those who drive a dually truck. Or coffee shop dwellers. Or hippies. Your neighbors will have a diverse range of intellect, from garden club members, to professors, to globe trotters with both a live-in and travel nanny. 

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Celebrate an artist today

Today I hope you will join us in celebrating the artists in your life.  Take time out of your day to thank the people who inspire you the most.  (An artist being anyone who is so passionate and committed to what they […]

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