Pay What You Want® Real Estate Services

At Bamboo Realty we believe you should pay for the experience, not the promise. It’s a philosophy that makes sense to anyone who has ever named their price to download an album, take a yoga class or visit a museum. But this is unheard of in real estate.

We believe everyone values great service and we believe that each of our agents deliver it. We also believe everyone deserves a 5-star experience, regardless of their budget. We’re ready to act on that belief.

Welcome to Pay What You Want for real estate!

Sell With Us – Pay What You Want

We’re piloting a new program, and we want you to be part of it. When selling your home, a real estate agent can greatly assist with the marketing, negotiating and closing process. But with our new Pay What You Want® service you’ll […]

Lease with Us – Pay What You Want

Pay What You Want for Rental Search Services Whether it’s an apartment, a house, a condo, or simply where you’ll rest your head at the end of the day– we can help! And, we are so confident in the experience we’ll provide […]

Find a Tenant – Pay What You Want

Pay What You Want for Landlords – Find a quality tenant fast We serve over 1,500 renters each year. A big part of our success is partnering with property owners who need help finding a great tenant. If you have a […]