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Pay What You Want

Everybody’s Doing It. Actually, You’re Probably Already Doing It.

Pay What You Want for Rental Search Services

Whether it’s an apartment, a house, a condo, or simply where you’ll rest your head at the end of the day– we can help! And, we are so confident in the experience we’ll provide for you, we are willing to let you decide what to pay after your transaction is complete. Yes, really… you choose. It’s our Pay What You Want® program for renters.

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How Does It Work If I’m Looking for a Place?

Before we start the search for your perfect abode, we’ll sign a one-page agreement that says you’ll work with me and I’ll work my butt off for you. There is no set fee listed in the agreement, it just asks that you think about paying for my services once we’ve got you moved in. Compare it to when you go to a yoga studio that has a donation box instead of a fixed class fee. You get to participate in the yoga class whether you pay to do it or not. But if you appreciate your experience, you’ll do your best to throw them a bone for helping you find your zen. This concept is just that simple.

So How Much Should I Pay?

Great question! Whether you decide to pay $200 or $2,000 the decision is 100% yours. We will ask you to decide once your lease has been executed. We have an easy and secure online payment system.

We want you to evaluate your entire experience before you decide. And please know: when we contact you to Pay What You Want, our job is NOT to upsell you. That would suck. It is merely to collect your payment and your feedback on behalf of your agent.

What If I Can’t Afford to Pay Anything?

That’s okay! We won’t be grumpy. We believe everyone deserves great service. If you had a great experience, but you decide not to contribute, hopefully you will rave about us to your friends and leave us a smashing review online.

What Factors Should I Consider?

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Did my agent save me time or frustration?
  • Did my agent work 5 hours or 50 hours?
  • Did my agent show me one specific area or multiple areas around town?
  • Did my agent negotiate special terms for me?
Let’s Get Started

We knew you’d love this idea as much as we do! If you’re ready to get started on your next rental search, we’re ready to hit the ground running. Give us a quick call:
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Pay What You Want – Renter Success Stories

Caleb and Andrea were moving to Raleigh from the West Coast. They needed an affordable place in an area that is not exactly known for having affordable places. To make the move, they had to scrape together every penny they had.

As much as they loved the Pay What You Want program, they knew they wouldn’t be able to pay anything above the deposits and first months rent. Caleb is a DJ, and in exchange for helping them find a rental, he offered to be the DJ at a future Bamboo client event. How cool is that? Good old fashioned bartering.


After spending two days visiting property after property with my client Amanda, I realized that none of our preferred properties were quite the right fit. She was used to a certain walk-up style apartment she had in Texas that is different than most of the buildings in Denver. Furthermore, her work schedule on pipelines is very demanding, and she sometimes gets home super late. She wanted to walk right into her home and not wander through parking garages or hallways.

I started scouring online rental listings and driving blocks in the neighborhood she was hunting in to see if there were any rental signs in the window. We finally found the perfect property listed by owner. I was able to help her negotiate terms with the owner and get her moved in. She loves it! She also loved the concept of Pay What You Want. Even though she didn’t find a rental in one of our preferred properties, the time and effort I took to drive around looking for signs in windows meant a lot to her. She choose to use funds from her relocation package to pay the equivalent of one-month of rent for the service. Win win for everyone.


Keith relocated to the area from Orlando, where he was in the process of selling his home, in his own words a “long and drawn out sale.” He was so relieved and happy that we were able to find him a rental so quickly, and effortlessly. He reached out on October 20th, we met the next day for coffee and showings, and he signed a six-month lease for the third home we visited. Keith decided to pay $600 for our rental search service. Now that he’s been in Raleigh for a few months he is ready to look for another, more permanent place.


Anna was a corporate relocation client coming to Raleigh from Austin. As she began stumbling around downtown Raleigh looking for a condo she was immediately overwhelmed and had spent several days pounding the pavement in the hunt for the elusive condo that met her needs.

It was after meeting a doorman at one of the condo buildings that she was presented with my business card and told that she needed to call me. Anna reached out right away and I began showing her condos that evening. We identified 3 units and she decided on one that evening. The whole time telling me she wish she had found me sooner and decide to pay $600 for our work in helping her find the right place.

I have since become a great resource for Anna and have actually made her last minute dinner reservations at one of the hottest restaurants downtown so she could entertain colleagues!

Anna has recently decided to renew her lease as she loves the unit so much and we are keeping an eye out for possible purchase options for her in the near future.