Brian Jones


Brian Jones, Rental Expert

Brian is the heart of Bamboo. He is steadfast. The consummate servant of others. One of his favorite sayings is “don’t let your highs be too high or your lows be too low.” Company debate over his celebrity look alike: Blake Shelton or Russell Crowe?    

Phrases other agents use to describe him: Inspirational. Loyal. Shit or get off the pot. 

What my new neighbors are saying about me...

Dallas G.

January 28, 2015

I will be relocating to Denver within the next month. I contacted Brian through Bamboo Realty when I was in Denver last weekend.

Brian was able to narrow down various properties that I would be interested in based on my age, professional background, and social activities.

He was prompt, thorough and professional.

He eliminated a lot of the headaches that I would have encountered in my home search had I not contacted Bamboo Realty.

Thank you Brian

Anna L.

May 27, 2015

Brian from Bamboo Realty was such a blessing! I'm moving to Denver from across the country, and he helped me find the perfect apartment in so many ways. From the time I first emailed him about apartments, he always replied quickly and sincerely. He picked up on my style/what I was looking for right away, and showed me the most incredible, safe, and within-budget options. He is extremely knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods, the geography, and important details about moving in general. You would think picking out a place to live in a new city would be stressful, but I can honestly say it was very easy. On top of everything professional, he was such a fun and easy-going guy to work with. I really couldn't say enough good things about Brian and Bamboo. I had never heard of a service like this before, but it is absolutely brilliant and think it should be offered everywhere! Thanks a million, Bamboo!

Allison H.

July 10, 2014

My husband and I are in the process of relocating to Houston and made the decision to rent. We needed an apartment that offers short term leases, which can be difficult to find in the loop. We both work all day, travel on the weekends and don't have a lot of spare time to look at apartments. We decided that we couldn't do this on our own, so we looked online for apartment locators and found Bamboo on Yelp.

I emailed Brian Jones, explained our situation and asked for assistance. He responded IMMEDIATELY, which was impressive. He quickly sent us a list of apartments that had all of the things we wanted/needed and were in our price range. In addition, he provided his own comments on each property and shared some helpful info about the rental market.

Throughout the whole process, Brian was patient, attentive, approachable and made us feel like we were his only clients. He answered all of my emails right away (almost always within minutes) and followed up with us after we visited the apartments on his list. He made calls on our behalf to the properties we were interested in and confirmed price/availability. That saved us a ton of time! He was not pushy and never made us feel rushed. Brian's search results were so accurate that we found the perfect apartment for us in just a couple of days. Hands down, this was the best apartment search experience that we've had in our many years of renting. It was so great that I'm kind of sad that it's over!

I can't recommend Brian and Bamboo enough. If you are looking for an apartment, please do yourself a favor and give their office a call. You will not be disappointed!

Marion T.

March 29, 2014

We used Brian Jones with Bamboo Realty for our move from Colorado to Houston. I had never worked with an apartment service before, and had no knowledge about the city itself. Brian was very patient with us when we changed our search parameters and was EXCELLENT about communication. I cannot say enough good things about working with Brian and Bamboo. We had quite a few options to choose from that I would have never found on my own. Using Bamboo saved me a ton of time and made me feel secure in our apartment decision knowing that we looked at all of the options available to us. It also worked out great since our schedules are a little insane, doing most of our research on Sunday, but Brian was always available for advice or when we needed more information. I can't recommend Brian or Bamboo highly enough