Toby Linville


Toby Linville, Houston Realtor

Toby is the Nostradamus of lifestyle, 2 minutes and he probably knows your needs better than you do. And he moves fast because your time is valuable. If you work with him you better have on your running shoes.

Phrases other agents use to describe him: Bottomless Energy. Funnest. Brutally honest. He is the very best story teller. 

Toby also refers to himself as a “myth buster,” and in his own words he loves “properties, interest rates, financing, negotiating and most of all, busting myths people have regarding buying their first home.”

Toby has over 12 years of residential real estate experience including leasing, management and sales. He is the Nostradamus of lifestyle, two minutes and he probably knows your needs better than you do. A long time Houstonian, he knows the ins and outs of every neighborhood in the Loop and West Houston. 


What my new neighbors are saying about me...

Kristy B.

July 10, 2015

My boyfriend and I recently moved to Houston from Los Angeles and we couldn't have found a better agent to help us with the apartment hunt in a city completely foreign to us! Our guy was Toby Linville.

I stumbled across one of Toby's Craigslist apt postings a few months ago with low to nonexistent expectations of hearing anything useful back. Not only did I get a quick response, but in the following days of us going back and forth he provided fun, honest (sometimes very comically so! ha), HELPFUL feedback. Toby was different in that I felt like I was talking to a friend who was excited to have me visit and wanted to show me around town based on MY interests. He made the whole process fun!! Toby was concerned with our personalities/lifestyle so that he could match us with the right area/neighborhood in town in addition to matching us with a property. We got a list of about 20 apartments (WAYYY more manageable than the 50+ I had gotten from another apartment search agent) and from that narrowed it down pretty easily before our visit.

Our weekend trip out here to look at apartments was a breeze. Between a Friday/Saturday, Toby took us to 5-7 places, all of which were amazing complexes. He kept us laughing and provided such valuable insight to the Houston neighborhood scene, apartment market, and individual property personalities. On Sunday we called one of the properties we toured and reserved an apartment! I just moved in last week and have nothing but great things to say about the place. Thanks Toby for making the apartment search the least stressful part of moving across the country.